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G. Edward Ashby, Jr.  Owner
Provincial Historian and Stonemason
Located in Marshall, Virginia 20115
In business in the Fauquier County area since 1983
We do all kinds of masonry work but have a passion for and an ongoing study of, mills, historic buildings, and building techniques.
Ashby Masonry, Inc.
Contact Info
6499 Carters Run Road
Marshall, VA 20115-2030
Phone/Fax: 540 347-0584
Mobile: 540 270-6906


Personal Project
Signature Services
  • Authentic dry stone fence
  • Chimneys and repairs
  • Residential Brick 
  • Retaining walls
  • Masonry arches
  • Accurate stone steps
  • Masonry stoves and ovens

  • Flagstone walkways and sitting areas 
  • Rumford and cooking fireplaces
  • Complete restoration of early structures including log cabins
  • Profiles with an eight inch stone veneer 

Why Choose Us? 
We have an appreciation of traditional stone and brick masonry. 
We have contacts with many other good contractors, roofers, plasterers, excavators, haulers, plumbers and have access to equipment that help us on special projects.
THE HOLLOW John Marshall Boyhood home Markham, VA