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Ashby Masonry Inc. does all aspects of modern masonry but prefers specialty  projects, historic masonry repairs and replication of new work to look  old.  Most stone and brickwork with the use of modern materials vary with the imagination of the designers, clients, and masons.  That leads to a lot of debate as to the the proper look.  The "look" we do, is structural with the appeal of the traditional masonry as was done by "the old timers".  They used handmade brick, local stone, and lime mortars.  We  have had the opportunity to work on and investigate some of the amazing old buildings in the Hunt Country area.  They include manor houses, country homes, log cabins, barns, mill and mill sites.  Many had stone for their walls, foundations, chimneys, out buildings, and fences.  Most of the brick houses were fine homes with brick made on or near the site.  Up until the end of the nineteenth century, the work for structures used a lime-based mortar, which required certain building techniques that we replicate. 
Having the chance to do historic restoration over the last 25 years has developed into intense study of  local history, construction styles and approach.  We have been pleased to have close contacts with a  local architectural historian, a conservator, consultants, carpenters, plasterers, salvaged lumber suppliers, and fellow masons.  This way we can do small jobs or call up the specialists that are needed to restore or build like "old" or later projects.  The consultants list includes folks in the carpenter's and masonry trades in Colonial Williamsburg, friends at Preservation Virginia (formerly APVA), miller, millwrights, and fellow historians in various fields. 

Why Choose Us? 
 Ashby Masonry, Inc. can figure the situation and match up the correct people for the job so we can end up with a completed project that we as well as our client can look upon with pride.
Ashby Masonry, Inc.
The National Park Service's 2 Preservation Briefs states:  "Because there are so many possible causes for deterioration in historic buildings, it may be desirable to retain a consultant, such as a historic architect or architectural conservator, to analyze the building."  Edward Ashby has been studying local history and has had hands on building techniques and is a member of several groups such as The Fauquier Heritage and Preservation Foundation, annual memberships with Mount Vernon and The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, The Society for the Preservation of Old Mills, and The International Molinological Society.  He is fortunate to make his job his hobby.