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Rumford Fireplace


Ashby Masonry, Inc.
Some associates of Ashby Masonry, Inc. include

Kenneth Foster, mentor, historian, and friend.
He has a company, Fosterbuilt, with son Ben.
They are adept in master carpentry, consulting and salvaged wood.

Cheryl Hanback Shepherd of , Millennium Preservation.
A devout architectural historian, consultant, historian and friend.  She can also work to place properties on the historic register.

John Lee of 
John Grenwalt Lee Company, 
a professional conservator in many historic fields.  He and Ellen Hagsten supply well slaked lime putty and both are very knowledgeable.
On large masonry projects we can team up with 
Tim Winther of
Crest Hill Stonework.
He has close ties with Virginia Limeworks.
We both work with Vintage Inc., a very conscientious group in all stages of traditional construction.

With our experiences and connections, we can consider most any project from consulting, planning, excavating, building, to final seeding and landscaping.
Our list includes:
Rebuilding early fireplaces and building new, including Rumford and cooking fireplaces 
Chimneys and chimney repairs 
Profiles with an eight inch stone veneer (if that can be called a veneer) 
Residential brick work to appear old 
Retaining walls 
Authentic dry stone fences
Complete restoration of earlier structures including log cabins
Masonry arches
Accurate stone steps
Flagstone walkways and sitting areas
Masonry stoves and ovensConsulting, analyzing and planning phases